About us

Proel Biotech

Proel Biotech SRL was founded in the summer of 2020, being a company specialized in the production of in vitro medical devices.

Proel Biotech SRL operates as a subsidiary of the Pro-Vitam Group, the products being developed following the results obtained by its research team.
The Pro-Vitam laboratory can be distinguished from its competitors primarily by its internationally recognized research activities. The senior members of the research team obtained their PhDs from prestigious universities: University of Cambridge (UK), University of Warwick (UK), University of Szeged (Hungary).

The team members are currently implementing five projects funded by national and European funds. The results of the research activities are published in prestigious international journals.

  • Dr Szilárd Fejér, senior researcher (PhD in Chemistry, University of Cambridge, UK)
  • Dr Zsuzsanna Jenei (PhD in Chemistry, University of Warwick, UK)
  • Dr Kinga Rákosi (PhD in Chemistry, University of Szeged, Hungary)
  • Mónika Korodi (PhD student, University of Pécs, Hungary)
  • István Horváth (PhD student, University of Pécs, Hungary)